We at MMB Indie Radio provide the largest platform for independent artists to get their music played and heard. We play all of the music for free and highlight most genres that complement reggae and dancehall on our radio platform. You can tune in every day to hear only new and participating independent artists on our station. We don’t play mainstream music.



Services offered by MMB Indie Radio

Video Editing

We can bring your song to life by transitioning and positioning visual elements in an Official Music Video or short form visual. 

Video Editing

Graphic Design

We can bring your song to life by designing the cover art for your releases and promotional art to promote on social media.


Get your music distributed to all music platforms with splits to separate parties of your project.


P.R.O Assignment

Get your business up and running in your local area so you can receive royalties for your works when they are played publicly.

You as an user should have full access to your P.R.O’s account. We can also manage the accounts on your behalf.

Set up fees are included in this package and is optional if you want to handle this on your own.

We can help you to transfer your account to the area where you reside

If you need one on one consultation we can provide this to you at the consultation rate which is $25 Per Hr but the min amount of time for P.R.O Assignment teaching is 2Hrs min to start.


Speak with a music specialist to guide you on the right path with your music.


Campaign your Bio/10 Listed songs to our platform for recognition. Email US @ (Use only after you spoke to administrator)


Campaign your song/songs to many different independent platforms and DJs. Email US @ (Use only after you spoke to administrator)

We can send recommendations to our network with more than 500 DJ’s and Independent Radio Stations on your behalf and save you some time with trying to reach out to them personally.

It will be our final, fine tuned decision to market your project which gives you a better chance for your music to be accepted and reviewed by radio stations and DJ’s.

Campaigns are Only $290

Drop your email here to be notified when campaigns start.


Unclaimed Royalties

We can help you to find royalties due to musical performers with incomplete information on file. You can also visit the AFM & SAG-AFTRA IPRD Fund and inquire there